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Go back to your smell game

Call of the Simpsons

I will not draw naked ladies in class

Couch gag: The family sit on the couch normally and nothing happens.

Director: Wesley Archer

Synopsis: To outdo the “Flandersersers”, Homer buys a RV and takes the family into the wilderness. After losing the RV off a cliff, the Simpsons are left to their own devices. Homer and Bart are lost overnight, Maggie lives with a family of grizzly bears while Marge and Lisa are comfortable in front of their fire. Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot, which sends Springfield into a frenzy, with a $5000 reward for his capture.

Guest voice: Albert Brooks (credited as A. Brooks because voicing cartoons wasn’t cool back then) as Bob, the RV salesman.

This episode is actually pretty funny and a stark contrast to the previous episode. This is what The Simpsons is all about: Homer’s attempts to be the better man which puts his family in some hilarious predicament. Maggie and the bears is a highlight of the episode and although Homer being mistaken for Bigfoot is a bit “wacky”, it’s still pretty funny and indicative of future storylines where Homer’s appearance and intelligence is questioned.

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  1. […] voicing guest characters on The Simpsons. He also voiced characters from various seasons: Jacques, Bob the RV sales guy and Brad Goodman. Wikipedia notes that he ad-libs his lines; apparently the entire hammock […]

  2. […] and Homer are fighting about money, and money spent on a RV. The Simpsons have owned a RV before, with hilarious results. Likewise, Marge and Homer have temporarily split up before, only last time […]

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