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Last Exit to Springfield

Mud is not one of the 4 food groups

couch gag: The couch turns into a monster and eats the family

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voice: Dr Joyce Brothers as herself

Synopsis: The power plant’s union leader has gone missing so Homer fills the role. Lisa needs braces, but a dental plan has been scrapped so the workers strike until the issue is resolved.

Discussion: I think much of this episode‘s meaning is lost on younger kids (except maybe Paul Howes…) so the writers have done a good job in making a couple of memorable line in order to get kids understanding what’s going on. Hence the “Dental plan! Lisa needs braces” line which everyone know has stuck in their heads (sorry about that).

The real standout of the episode is Lisa’s dream while under gas to get her braces. Lisa in the sky (no diamonds though) has obvious references to a certain Beatles film, and is whacky and colourful and breaks up the density of the union strike. Lisa’s protest song as the workers are striking is also a highlight, then Lenny requests Classical Gas just for something different.

One last point: mud may not be one of the “four” food groups, but chocolate is so Happy Easter!

Comments on: "Dental plan! Lisa needs braces" (1)

  1. […] In any case, that’s not what happened. We’re given a Lisa-centric episode (which we’ve not had in a while) and she’s standing up for morals that we’ve seen before and done better (who remembers her protest song from season 4?) […]

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