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Who Shot Mr Burns? Part 1

This is not a clue… or is it?

Couch gag: The family run against a repeating background

Director: Jeffrey Lynch

Guest voice:
Tito Puente as himself

Synopsis: The school is found to have oil underneath it, but Mr Burns steals the oil and blocks the sun, giving the residents of Springfield plenty to be angry about.

Discussion: To date, this is the only 2 part episode. It’s also the season cliffhanger for season 6. The episode borrows the title from ‘Who Shot J.R.?’ plot from Dallas which kept viewers guessing over the hiatus. It shares similarities: Mr Burns and JR Ewing have a lot of enemies, who was the one who fired the shot?

In this case, the culprit wasn’t revealed until after the US summer, leaving fans to wait about 4 months to ponder the question. According to Wikipedia, there were competitions and websites dedicated to deducing the answer and discussing clues (and the clues are there if you look for them). Here in Australia, no such thing existed, we were left to read articles from magazines about the cliffhanger, and by the time Part 2 aired here, it was pretty much a well-known fact who shot Mr Burns.

Anyhoo, everyone in town hates Mr Burns. He’s robbed the school of much-needed money, his oil rig has forced the closure of Moe’s tavern, he’s fired faithful manservant Smithers, Groundskeeper Willie has lost his job because of Mr Burns, and then there’s that little thing where he’s permanently blocked out the sun to increase the town’s consumption of energy. After the shot is fired and Mr Burns collapses on the sundial, Marge remarks that everyone in town is a suspect, and she’s right. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you already know the answer, but let’s pretend we don’t know and we’ll discuss the solution tomorrow.


Comments on: "Your lamp’s running away! So long, lamp" (1)

  1. […] have perma-noon lighting over the town, this is what the townspeople fought against way back in the Who Shot Mr Burns? episodes. Yet the only shot on Mr Burns in this ep is him looking adoringly at the night sky (well, […]

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