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El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

couch gag: The family parachute in, Homer falls flat on his face because his parachute didn’t open.

Director: Jim Reardon

Guest voice:
Johnny Cash as the Space Coyote

Synopsis: Homer eats several Guatemalan insanity peppers at a Chili Cook Off and has strange visions where a space coyote tells him to find his soulmate. 

Discussion: It’s tough to do an episode like this and not have the visions stem from drug use. Gotta remember the demographic who watch this, you know. So the idea of having insanely hot chilis trigger the hallucinations is inspired. The whole hallucinatory sequence is brilliant- things are distorted and exaggerated and blended perfectly to fit into a world where nothing and everything is real. 

Homer’s journey begins with Marge wanting Homer to stay sober at a chili cook-off. It’s a reasonable idea; Homer doesn’t usually come out of such things with his dignity intact. But when Chief Wiggum tantalises Homer with rare Guatemalan chilis, all hell breaks loose… in Homer’s mind. 

Enter the Space Coyote, voiced brilliantly by the late Johnny Cash. He tells Homer to find his soulmate. Homer wakes up in a golf course and sets out to find his soulmate, who apparently isn’t Marge because Marge is mad at him for “drinking” (which he didn’t). 

Let me start by saying that the animation in this ep is awesome, particularly the hallucination sequence. I’m not sold on the idea for Homer to be wandering around for half the episode looking for a soulmate we all know will be Marge, but those scenes are good too. It’s the idea I have trouble with. Who wants to have an awesome vision with a talking space coyote only to have him say, “Find your soulmate”? BORING. (And that goes even if you do believe in soulmates). 

Overall, it’s a fantastic episode (in both the literal and figurative sense). Homer needs to trip out more often. 


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  1. […] angry. There’s your entire plot. Homer wandering around aimlessly reminded me of the ep where he wanders around wondering if Marge is his soul mate. But here, there’s no satisfying ending because you already know Marge will find him and […]

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