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Bart Star

I did not invent Irish dancing

Couch gag: The family are crushed into a cube. 

Director: Dominic Polcino

Guest voices:
Joe Namath as himself
Roy Firestone as himself
Mike Judge as Hank Hill

Synopsis: With childhood obesity on the increase in Springfield, Bart is encouraged to join pee-wee football. Homer is the coach and favours Bart over the other kids. 

Discussion: OK, so I’m not a big fan of sports and I don’t know anything about gridiron except that a game takes half a day to play (I tried watching the Superbowl once). But this episode is pretty cute. Unusually, we’re rooting for Nelson because, let’s face it, he knows how to get the ball over the line. We’re also rooting for Bart because he’s standing up to his father and he knows he sucks as quarterback. What kid wants to admit how much he sucks??

Homer is trying to be a good father, he really is. He’s giving Bart the opportunity to be the star player- it’s not Bart’s fault he sucks in that position. Homer is encouraging Bart all the way, he just doesn’t see what Bart and everyone else sees; that Nelson should be the quarterback. 

Cue an appearance from Joe Namath. Even I know Joe was a great football star (thanks to his guest appearance on The Brady Bunch…) He’s about to tell Bart the secret to being a great player when his female companion fixes the vapour lock which had stranded their car. D’oh! 

So, apart from missing the odd sports reference and not really caring about the game, this is a pretty good episode. Homer is trying to be a good dad, but as usual, it’s not turning out all that well. And here I was starting to think season 9 was when the show jumped the shark… 


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