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Simpson Tide

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Couch gag: The Simpson family fall off the couch and grow into flowers in a parody of Rocky & Bullwinkle-style animation.

Director: Milton Gray

Guest Voices:
Rod Steiger as Captain Tenille
Bob Denver as himself

Synopsis: After being fired over a doughnut incident, Homer joins the navy and bumbles his way into becoming acting captain.

Discussion: I think this episode would make more sense if I’d seen Crimson Tide. Maybe I’m just not into naval rescues. Or maybe this ep is a bit crap. In any case, I don’t love it. Homer getting fired over a doughnut is pretty funny. Homer joining the Naval Reserve- what could go wrong? Nothing, except for firing the captain from the torpedo chute and not being court marshaled because the commanding officers are all indicted for something… Well, OK.

There are two highlights of the ep: Homer half-dressed as a naval officer and requesting permission to board in a role-play scenario with Marge, and Bart’s impromptu performance on the bus of Do the Bartman which was indeed released in 1991 as mentioned by Ralph.

Other than that, I feel the ep drags a bit. Apart from being called Mr Moe, Moe doesn’t really do anything; perhaps that role could have been done better with Barney? I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t love this ep.


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