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Trash of the Titans

I will not mess up the opening credits

couch gag: The family run in but find Bart writing lines on the chalkboard

Director: Jim Reardon

Guest voices:
Steve Martin as Ray Patterson
U2 as themselves

Synopsis: After a row with the sanitation dept, Homer runs for sanitation commissioner and wins, but spend the annual budget in a month which leaves his department broke. 

Discussion: Without the appearance of U2 and a catchy song, what does this episode really offer? It takes a long time to get to the point, shows a few minutes of Homer’s ineptitude and then moves the whole town and makes a Native American cry. Based on this, the ep gets an average rating from me.

There are good bits. There’s a catchy song based on Candyman from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, there’s a special appearance from U2 plus a song from them, and Steve Martin. Plus a ton of memorable lines and images. 

Then there are the average bits, which is basically everything else. I can’t really say there are bad bits, because there aren’t. There are only bits which don’t shine. The extended scene of Bart and Homer competing not to take the trash out, the accumulation of a massive trash pile (including Diaper Hill) and the environmental message, which makes a Native American cry. My biggest question is: why is there a Native American there to begin with? Is this to drive home the enviro message when the writers didn’t specifically set out to create one? It’s very confusing. 

This is the show’s 200th episode. It’s a decent effort but doesn’t really shine. 


Comments on: "Lisa, do I have my pants on?" (3)

  1. The Native American crying is a parody of an anti-pollution ad from the 1970s in which one cries at the pollution it sees. Wayne’s world 2 did a similar parody.

    • Ah, thanks. Not living in America, I miss those ad references.

      • Yeah, a bit obscure I guess. I particularly like this episode from a non yank perspective because the writers didnt realize how offensive a term wankers is so had Mr. Burns call U2 wankers at the end. Think it might have been cut now as they got in trouble when it was aired in the UK

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