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D’oh-in in the Wind

No one is interested what my definition of “is” is

Couch gag: A bar comes down across the family on the couch and the couch takes off like a rollercoaster seat

Directors: Mark Kirkland and Matthew Nastuk

Guest voices:
Martin Mull as Seth
George Carlin as Munchie

Synopsis: To find out his middle name, Homer goes to the hippie commune where his mother lived and decides to embrace the hippie lifestyle.

Discussion: Every hippie stereotype is exploited in this episode. Even though the critical reaction to this ep was mostly negative because of the stereotyping, I thoroughly enjoy the ep. Homer has some of the best lines in the entire series and embraces a culture so different to his normality with hilarious results.

As often seen in The Simpsons, the ep begins with something completely unrelated. Here we have Mr Burns making a short film to encourage grad students to work at the power plant (did Mr Burns end up eating garlic pickles for lunch that day?) Homer, inspired to become an actor, fills out his application form but doesn’t know what the J. in his name stands for. Enter: the hippies.

Homer as a hippie embodies his lazy side, but also the side that rebels authority (as will be seen later in the ep where he gets a motorcycle). His mission to “freak out the narcs” ends badly; the narcs aren’t freaked and the organic juicilator is jammed from Homer’s frisbee, meaning the hippies aren’t able to supply the town with juice. Homer attempts to resolve the situation, with predictable results as he fails miserably.

But hey, the moral of the story is that he tried. He recognised the wrong and attempted to fix it (causing hilarious results).

I can see why the ep met with negative reviews. Stereotyping is the lowest form of humour, however I feel it is somewhat justified to spoof the youthful ideals of hippie-dom in older hippies. I liked the ep. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s a look at various forms of conformity we face every day. Oh, and Grampa & Jasper acting like Beavis and Butthead is also hilarious.


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