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Lisa Gets an A

I will not scream for ice cream

Couch gag: Hairdryers drop down and give each Simpson a new Simpsons hairdo. 

Director: Bob Anderson

Synopsis: Lisa cheats on a test and the school is awarded a government grant. Meanwhile, Homer buys a lobster with the intention to fatten it up for eating, but grows attached to it and names him Pinchy. 

Discussion: The subplot of Homer and Pinchy is one of the best in the series. It’s funny, entertaining and memorable. Unfortunately for Pinchy, his downfall came when Homer put him in a hot bath to clean him up. Homer eating Pinchy is hilarious and sad. It’s simply brilliant. 

Oh, and Lisa cheated on a test and scored an A+++, her best score ever. This earns the school grant money for meeting minimum requirements. Predictably, Lisa’s conscience gets the better of her and she confesses to everyone. However, and here’s the good part, the townspeople knew Lisa would confess so conspire to create a fake ceremony where Lisa can screw up all she likes. 

Season 10 is already much better than season 9. This episode‘s A plot of Lisa cheating on the test is a bit meh, but as a whole, the ep is buoyed by Homer and Pinchy. Despite Lisa’s predictability of her conscience getting in the way, she does actually do a couple of things out of character, which got her into the mess anyway. Ralph brings over her homework and Lisa ignores it, preferring to play a video game with the worst Aussie cultural icons since Bart Vs Australia. At least Lisa knows nunchuks aren’t Australian… 

Overall, it’s a terrific episode. Given a lesser B plot, the ep could easily sink into mediocrity. Apart from Pinchy, the highlight is the fake grant-awarding ceremony and the ease of which the townspeople go along with the plan. And Skinner’s new scoreboard is pretty neat too. 


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