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Viva Ned Flanders

My mom is not dating Jerry Seinfeld

couch gag: A giant hand spins the cel, leaving the scene blurred

Director: Neil Affleck

Guest voices:
The Moody Blues as themselves

First appearance of:

Synopsis: After discovering Ned Flanders is 60 years old but never takes a risk, Homer takes him to Las Vegas, where they drunkenly marry cocktail waitresses. 

Discussion: Long before The Hangover, Ned and Homer got drunk and married women they didn’t previously know… Although the premise of Ned being a senior citizen is completely stupid, this episode is fantastic. Ned plays by the rules (even the ones that contradict the other ones) and as a result, is pre-diddly-ictable and looks great for his age. Enter Homer and his Program, designed to get Ned to have some fun. And fun they did have. 

What’s great about this ep is that Ned is allowed to have fun. He briefly mentions that gambling is forbidden by the bible but he does splash out and have a white wine spritzer… Some people just can’t handle Vegas. 

The new wives, Amber and Ginger, are waitresses and embody everything unholy about Vegas. Never mind that the marriage isn’t legal as Ned and Homer already have wives… but never let facts get in the way of a good story. Amber and Ginger are seen only a couple of times in future episodes, but their legacy is clear. 

Something that has been missing in Simpsons episodes from season 9-10 is FUN. Thankfully, it has returned in this here episode. Someone new to the show would clearly view this ep as a homage to The Hangover. That’s not such a bad thing; it’s a good movie and this is a good episode. 


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  2. […] ultimately causes the main storyline but is unrelated to it. In this bizarre episode, Homer’s Vegas wife Amber has died, Bart plays up at the funeral, leading Marge to invest in a drum kit so he can […]

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