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Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken

Sherri does not “got back”

Couch gag: The Simpsons ride the couch, which is dropped like a bomb a la Dr Strangelove

Director: Mark Ervin

Guest voice:
Cyndi Lauper as herself

Synopsis: After Homer’s drunken night out, kids of Springfield are wrongfully blamed for the damage and a curfew is imposed. Bart and the other kids form a pirate radio station in order to tell secrets about the adults until the curfew is lifted. 

Discussion: There are good bits and not-so-good bits about this episode. Obviously, the song at the end where kids vs adults is a highlight for me, that goes without saying. I’m just not so sure about the bits in the middle… 

Let’s dissect. 

The Isotopes are losing, and we cut to six months later when they’re winning and Homer is a fan again. Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl get drunk and use Homer’s car to damage the local school. Firstly- what? It’s obviously done to fill in time, but it doesn’t make sense. If you want to show Homer’s fluid patriotism towards ‘his’ team, have him whining about the ‘Topes and then winning tickets or something, he can whine he prefers second prize, and then have Cyndi Lauper singing the national anthem and the game and whatever else, leading up to his new-found enthusiasm for a winning team and then he can get drunk. Simples

So, the damage caused by Homer et al is erroneously attributed to punk kids. Sure, that makes sense in Simpsons world. Let’s keep that. The kids don’t like curfews, that’s cool too. Moving on. 

Kids sneaking out to see a parody of Village of the Damned, entitled The Bloodening. Perfect. Getting caught- also good. 

Kids deciding to tell secrets about the adults of Springfield. And these are juicy secrets: Luann is cheating on her Gladiator boyfriend, Homer is eating garbage and practicing medicine without a licence, and Chief Wiggum wears control top underwear. This whole segment reminds me of Pump up the Volume, in which a lonely nerd has a pirate radio show and pisses off the adults. No secrets though. I think this part is average. There’s no zing and it’s over too quickly. The cops, aided by Frink, find the kids, a song and dance number ensues and somehow the oldies vote for a curfew for anyone under 70. Huh? 



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