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Monty Can’t Buy Me Love

I have neither been there nor done that

Couch gag: The family start dancing and the lounge room is revealed to be a circus (we haven’t seen this one since season 6’s ‘Fear of Flying‘) 

Director: Mark Ervin

Synopsis: Monty brings over the Loch Ness Monster to make people love him. 

Discussion: This is actually a very good episode! If it seems like I’m surprised, it’s because I am: this is about the time where I start to get a bit jaded about the brilliance of the show. Yet here’s an ep which ticks all the right boxes, even if the ending does seem a bit out of place. 

Based on Richard Branson and Virgin Megastores, Arthur Fortune’s new Fortune Megastore has landed into Springfield and the residents just love this new kind of billionaire. He’s fun, down-to-Earth and gives away free cash just because he can. Monty, desperate for the same love and adoration, tries to emulate Fortune’s success and winds up stealing the Loch Ness Monster (affectionately called Nessie) in order to be loved. 

Everything works until the final part. One is able to see the Nessie stunt in good humour, part of the episode, but after that it’s a bit sketchy. Nessie ends up working in a casino. What? Nessie is a good-natured beast so there’s no point making her into a monster that Burns can manipulate to do his will, similar to “release the hounds”. Burns’ casino has been torn down so he can’t use her as the star attraction. So what do you do with the Loch Ness Monster once she’s won the hearts of Springfield’s residents? Clearly, I have no better answers than the writers, but the current ending of Nessie watching the pokies in a casino just doesn’t cut it. Other than that, it’s a fantastic episode. Shame. 


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