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Yay! Imagination Christmas!


Little Big Mom

I will not create art from dung

Couch gag: The Simpson are in the form of crash test dummies, who are jolted into a collision with the television. 

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest voice:
Elwood Edwards as virtual doctor

Synopsis: Marge breaks her leg and needs to stay in hospital. Lisa takes over domestic duties but can’t control Homer and Bart, so she tricks them into believing they have leprosy. 

Discussion: This episode really belongs to Homer and Bart. Marge is bedridden in hospital with a broken leg (don’t think too much about the logic, it’ll hurt your brain) so Lisa takes over the house. We’ve seen the family live without Marge before, and we’ve seen Marge get some pampering before, so in terms of theme, there’s nothing new. How this ep differs is that Homer and Bart are completely unstoppable in their chaos. 

The best moments of this ep are Homer and Bart together. Playing Marco Polo, squirting each other with IV drugs, lazing on a beach in Hawaii… Bart is his typical self: carefree and chaotic. Homer is very much like a little boy, following Bart’s lead and not caring about the mess they’ve made or that Lisa is left doing all the work. 

It’s a pretty good ep, until we get to the leprosy. Or rather, until the lepers get to Hawaii. The scene in Flanders’ house is great, but the tone changes when Homer and Bart land in Hawaii. it would be great to see the chaos ensuing in the Flanders’ household as they try to heal Homer and Bart, but instead there’s some electric needling and Hawaiian sunsets. Wha? 

Anyhoo, I like this ep. 


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