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Faith Off

I will stop phoning it in

Couch gag: The couch is now overseen by a psychiatrist. Homer flops down, proclaims he’s crazy and the rest of the family look at each other in bewilderment.

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest Voices:
Don Cheadle as Brother Faith
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony

Synopsis: During a college prank, Homer gets a bucket superglued to his head and Bart is able to remove it during a faith healing, leading Bart to believe he has the power to heal.

Discussion: This is another of those episodes which don’t fit together well. There’s two distinct plots which, when fitted together, don’t quite make a whole. There’s the lead-up to Bart’s short gig as a faith healer, in which Homer’s college prank sees him get a metal bucket superglued to his head. Then there’s Bart being a faith healer (the definite highlight of the ep) and then there’s a college football game, threats over a broken leg and… then what?

‘Testify’ is a great song and harks back to earlier seasons when there was a song just for the hell of it (we all know I’m sucker for a catchy song). But, and correct me if I’m wrong, we haven’t seen a catchy song for quite some time. This really lifts the episode out of mediocrity, but it falls again quickly with the college game and Fat Tony threatening Homer with an ice pick if the star player’s leg can’t be healed. What? Delete that bit, flesh out Bart’s painful realisation that he doesn’t have the power to heal his best friend (put in a couple more miracles and leave Milhouse’s accident another 5 minutes) and you’ve got yourself an episode.

Starts with promise, finishes weakly.


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