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The Mansion Family

Class clown is not a paid position

Couch gag: Bart and Lisa are grown-ups, while Marge and Homer are the kids.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest voice:
Britney Spears as herself

Synopsis: Mr Burns plans a visit to a Mayo Clinic, and hires the Simpson family to take care of the mansion while he’s away.

Discussion: International waters? What the hell??

Let’s start from the beginning. Mr Burns is awarded the Springfield Pride Award for being the oldest citizen (in much the same way as Stephen Bradbury won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics) and decides he might need a medical checkup. Due for a good performance, Mr Burns entrusts his mansion to Homer while he’s away. Hey, I can’t think of a better reason why Mr Burns would turn over care to Homer!

Good times ensue, Homer makes a general mess of the mansion while the social consciences of the family, Marge and Lisa, complain.

Mr Burns’ medical is going well and he has every disease known to man but they are in perfect balance, leading Burns to believe he’s indestructible.

The episode falls down when Homer decides to have a party. Moe’s not allowed to sell beer before 2pm so Homer et al go into international waters and have their party there. What. The. Hell. Cue pirates, a ridiculous ending and Homer having a cry that everyone listed in the credits is rich (not as rich as they should be, of course).

The third act of the ep reminds me of the film Pirate Radio (known to Aussies as The Boat That Rocked), but far more stupid. The laws governing international waters are complex and steadfast, but as this is a TV show, it’s perfectly fine to ignore facts; they just get in the way of a good story anyway!

Britney Spears appears as the co-host of the Springfield Pride Awards and introduces herself as “teen sensation Britney Spears”. Remember when Britters was innocent and cute? Yeah, me too.


Comments on: "Don’t give me that kiss of death, you black widow" (1)

  1. […] and feels fresh… like week old biscuits kept in Tupperware. Way back in season 11, Mr Burns was told he has pretty much every disease known to man, but they’re in perfect balance to keep him alive. Today he’s been told that he has six […]

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