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It worked on the test corpse


A Tale of Two Springfields

I will not plant subliminAL messaGOREs

Couch gag: Bart places a whoopee cushion under Homer’s seat. When Homer sits, it makes a farting noise and the family look at Homer disapprovingly.

Director: Shaun Cashman

Guest Voices:
The Who as themselves
Gary Coleman as himself

Synopsis: Homer is annoyed when Springfield is split into two area codes and divides the town into New and Olde Springfield.

Discussion: What. The. Hell? Springfield has been divided by two area codes and Homer is unimpressed (and uninformed, despite the rampant advertising). So he becomes self-appointed mayor of New Springfield. The residents leave and Homer persuades The Who to perform on top of the garbage wall. What?

Although the critics praised this ep, I’m not loving it. I do agree with the guy who said that his expectations had been lowered by previous seasons and this is the reason he enjoyed this ep. My expectations are also lowered and I still didn’t enjoy this ep. I like that the town can be split… but that’s about it. There’s no hilarious follow-up to it, only Homer in the foetal position as the phone constantly reminds him that he’s in the other area code. Oh noes!

The only thing that lifts this episode is The Who. Younger viewers are likely to say Who? and be far less impressed. The badger at the beginning provides some good lines, particularly Homer’s quip, “Badger my ass. It’s probably Milhouse.” getting rid of the badger is easy enough; once Homer couldn’t call the animal patrol, he told the badger to go away. OK, so the badger brought back all his friends at the end, but what’s a few badgers between friends?

Poor start to season 12, but I guess we’re used to it now.


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