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Trilogy of Error

Fore is not the cleanser

Couch gag: The family skateboards in, but Homer falls to the floor and the board hits him on the head

Director: Mike B. Anderson

Guest voices:
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony
Frankie Muniz as Thelonius

Synopsis: March 21 in Springfield, seen from three different points of view.

Discussion: Despite the re-used opening sequences for each act, giving the ep a touch of deja vu, this episode shines. Although I’ve seen it a dozen (or more) times, the only part I really remember is Linguo, the talking robot who corrects one’s grammar. Each viewing gives another layer, and you can see how each part is explained by something else in another day.

First, Homer’s day starts with him getting his thumb accidentally severed by Marge when defending her brownies. On the way to the hospital, a number of things go wrong, all of which are interlinked with both Bart and Lisa’s days.

Lisa’s day is highlighted by her science project, Linguo, which is likely to win her first prize… if only she can get to school in time. Being dropped at the wrong school, she meets a handsome nerd named Thelonius, who promises they shall meet again in high school.

Bart’s day was completely unexpected. Milhouse has found a stash of illegal fireworks, which leads the boys to Fat Tony and a police raid.

All three stories are interwoven with elements; for example, Lisa, being late for school, discovers her bike is missing. This is later explained by Milhouse riding Lisa’s bike as Bart is riding his own on their way to Milhouse’s exciting discovery.

It’s a brilliantly well-written episode, even though Mr Teeny’s assessment is entirely correct: the plot doesn’t make a lot of sense. But that’s not the point- it’s an exercise in showing connectivity and different points of view. Great episode.

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