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The Frying Game

Couch gag: The Simpsons are characters from silent films

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voices:
Frances Sternhagen as Myrna Bellamy
Carmen Electra as herself

Synopsis: Homer and Marge are sentenced to death after the murder/robbery of an elderly woman.

Discussion: This episode must be one of the more forgettable ones; I know I’ve seen it (I remember the screamapillar) but had no idea about the rest of the ep. And boy, am I ever glad I forgot it.

Mrs Bellamy seems like a kindly old widow but she sets about putting Homer and Marge to work as servants before a mysterious man stabs her and steals her diamonds, which are later found in the Simpson home. This leads Marge and Homer to be tried and convicted of her murder, with a sentence of death by electric chair. Oh my, how the dickens are they going to get out of this? (Considering the show is still going, it’s not much of a spoiler to know that they do indeed escape death).

This has to be one of the worst endings for an episode in Simpsons history. The premise is fine: Marge and Homer are accused of murdering an elderly widow for her money. The set-up is annoying, I’ve still got the voice of the screamapillar echoing through my brain. The ending is such a pointless cop out that it barely deserves mentioning.

There aren’t many good things to say about this episode. The screamapillar, being sexually attracted to fire and requiring constant reassurance, is the catalyst for possibly the best line in the ep: “Are you sure God doesn’t want it to die?” (uttered by Homer). Marge’s serene koi pond is also lovely and I’m sad that it isn’t seen in the backyard after this episode. Lisa, Bart and Maggie’s pending adoption by Cletus and Brandine is also a highlight, with the yokels wanting to change the kids’ names because “dem’s (got) city names”. Other than that, let’s just bury this ep deep inside the memory, never to be released again.



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