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My maguppies became bazongas


Large Marge

couch gag: The family are drawn on an Etch-A-Sketch

Director: Jim Reardon

Guest voices:
Jan Hooks as Manjula
Adam West as Batman
Burt Ward as Robin
Baha Men as themselves

Synopsis: Fearing Homer finds her unattractive, Marge has some cosmetic liposuction but ends up with breast implants by accident. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse imitate a stunt they saw on TV and get Krusty into trouble.

Discussion: Dare I say it? Despite the obvious leering and objectification (which goes without saying), this is a darn good episode. We haven’t seen a Marge-centred ep for a while and it’s time we did. Instead of being relegated to a secondary player to Homer’s hijinks, Marge takes her marriage into her own hands when she sees Homer “flirting” with some ladies. In reality, he’s recreating his beautiful wife giving birth to their first-born, Bart. Aww. Still, it sends panic through Marge, who then decides to have a nip and tuck to please her hubby.

Granted, this sort of thing is out of character for Marge, but since the main theme is beauty in the eye of the leering beholder, I think it works. Plus her magumbos come in handy for the uh, climax of the ep when it’s up to Marge to stop the cops shooting at the elephant who is holding Bart, Milhouse and Homer in its mouth. Even Lisa can’t argue with that.

Having spoken so highly of the episode, it does feel a bit like reheated pizza. First of all, there’s an appearance by Stampy, whom we first saw in season 5. Secondly, there’s a song which resembles ‘We Put the Spring in Springfield‘ way back in season 8. Finally, an appearance by George Bush Sr, who moved in across the road in season 7 and whom Homer apparently forgets he fought with when seen is this ep.

So while the funny bone is definitely tickled by this oh so politically incorrect episode, there are bits that just feel old and stale as well.


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