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The Fat and the Furriest

Couch gag: In a parody of Get Smart, Homer goes through several doors and winds up on the couch after falling through a telephone box

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest voice:
Charles Napier as Grant Connor

Synopsis: Branded a coward after footage of a bear attack appears on TV, Homer takes matters in his own hands.

Discussion: Sometimes, I sit through these episodes thinking, “What the F?” and my IQ drops a couple of points. Today’s episode was one of those. All I want to do now is sponge out my brain and read a science book with big words.

The set-up of the premise was fantastic and really quite funny. On advice from the “slags” Patty and Selma, Homer buys Marge a contraption which makes carnival food at home. Naturally, Homer takes it several steps too far and creates a gigantic caramel-covered fairy floss ball. Why didn’t he deep fry it? Inevitably, things are stuck to it and Marge insists it be taken to the dump.

Here’s where the plot both begins and falls down rapidly. Whilst at the dump, Homer is attacked by a bear and starts crying, complete with snot dripping from his nose to form pools on his upper lip. The footage is shown on the news and Homer becomes the subject of practical “jokes” involving bears. Blah blah blah, revenge suit, lots of stupid things, everything’s OK in the end.

A bear? Really? Is that the best possible scenario the writers could come up with? And since when is someone crying in front of a giant grizzly bear considered a coward? It does make hallucinations in Maggie’s room quite funny though… especially a Care Bear wielding a crow bar. Ha! And there are some good lines, such as Bart revealing the Bear Buster 5000 suit, proclaiming, “Available wherever fat men dream” and a disturbing scene of Bart & Lisa sucking the giant caramel-covered fairy floss ball while Homer soothes, “That’s it, children. Suckle daddy’s sugar ball.”

Watch the first half of the episode, give the second a miss and keep the good memories alive.


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