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The Girl Who Slept Too Little

couch gag: Filmed in clay-mation, six balls of clay roll around the living room. Once on the couch, they turn into each Simpson plus Gumby, who waves at the family.

Director: Raymond S. Persi

Synopsis: Lisa has trouble sleeping when a cemetery is built next to her bedroom.

Discussion: Wow, what a pile of *bleep*. First of all, there’s a stamp museum being built to the Simpsons’ house. Didn’t they used to live in a built up residential area? OK, so the continuity doesn’t have to always work… but please give the viewer some credit. Homer protests about the museum and eventually a cemetery goes there instead. Sure, I can buy that, as well as Lisa’s fears of overlooking the new bone yard.

Since the show has clearly gone downhill, let’s review the lowlights of each episode. Today we see Bart drinking from Lenny’s hose and Homer paying a dollar for the privilege, Homer and Marge considering having snuggles in Lisa’s bed (eww), Bart’s racing bed having no brakes and moving itself around the room and finally, a terrible appearance by Dr Nick. What the hell…?

If one was to consider this episode having a highlight, the best candidate would be the parody of Where the Wild Things Are that comes to life in Lisa’s dream to convince her that it’s OK to be scared at any age or intelligence. Other than that, there’s 20 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.


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