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Treehouse of Horror XVI

Director: David Silverman (credited as Godzilla vs Silverman)

Guest voices:
Terry Bradshaw as himself
Dennis Rodman as himself

Synopsis: Bart is replaced with a robot; Mr Burns invites residents to a hunting expedition; A witch turns Springfielders into their costumes. 

Discussion: We begin today’s terrifying episode with Kang and Kodos watching baseball. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Moving on…

Bartificial Intelligence: Bart winds up in a coma and the family adopt a robot to replace him. Bart wakes up and exacts revenge. Yawn. The only amusing part was Homer’s quip, “This stinks! I’ve got stubby little robot legs and an ass not equipped for an adult diet!” 

Survival of the Fattest: This was produced long before The Hunger Games, but one could be forgiven for thinking this is a parody. Mr Burns invites a few male townspeople to a day of hunting, but it turns out they’re the ones being hunted. As always, Lenny and Carl are the best bits. I suppose my reason for not liking this part is because I really dislike The Hunger Games (that’s a whole other rant).

I’ve Grown a Costume to Your Face: Who isn’t hearing Sideshow Bob singing this right now? In a whole town Halloween contest, a witch wins best costume until she reveals she’s not in costume. She turns the whole town into the costumes they’re wearing; so Sideshow Mel becomes Spider-Man, Grampa becomes an ape, Dr Hibbert becomes Dracula etcetera and so forth. Maggie, who was dressed as a witch, is enlisted to reverse the spell but she turns everyone into a pacifier instead. And then there’s some crap at the end about adult illiteracy (don’t worry, illiterate people can’t read this anyway). The most amusing part about this segment was Apu D2. 

I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween episodes and this one doesn’t float my boat either. There have been some other pretty good Halloween eps, but sadly this one won’t be joining those ranks. 


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