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Good evening, dumbasses


Homer’s Paternity Coot

I am not smarter than the President

couch gag: A series of family portraits year by year is taken; Homer apparently dies and is replaced by Lenny then a robotic version of himself as the kids grow up.

Director: Mike B. Anderson

Guest voices:
Joe Frazier as himself
Michael York as Mason Fairbanks
William H. Macy as himself

Synopsis: Homer discovers a letter from his mother’s secret lover, leading to questions about who his biological father might be.

Discussion: It’s a well known fact that Homer is Abe’s son… or is he? This is one of those episodes which shakes things up a bit and you know what? It works.

It’s written by Joel H. Cohen, who has written many good episodes of the show. This ep has a lot of heart and a lot of laughs (or at least, giggles). Abe’s paternity is called into question when a forty-year-old letter turns up frozen with a poor mailman, who’s state of iciness is never really explained but that doesn’t matter. The point is, Mona Simpson was having it off with a lifeguard. Go Mona!

Cue the questions about the definition of “father” and the paternity test we all knew was coming. It doesn’t really matter who Homer’s biological father is, although it’s revealed that it’s Mason… but then Abe reveals he actually switched the name tags so Abe really did father Homer. Does it matter? No. Had Mason been Homer’s biological father, there’s a whole history with Abe that is still valid and Mason would disappear into the ether just like Mr Burns’ son or the real Seymour Skinner.

Still, having a fancy possible father has some fun moments such as Mason introducing Homer to “the lady in his life” (to which Homer replies, “You know it’s a boat, right?”) and Homer discovering there’s a knife specially made just for cheese.

There are also some weird moments; Homer and Mason’s deep sea mission to find long lost emeralds and Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney’s TV show where they beat up William H. Macy. What’s that about?


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