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Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife

I will not eat things for money

Couch gag: The entire opening sequence is recreated using actual people, shown here on the left hand side:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvSnNpawWiI

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest voice:
Ricky Gervais as Charles

Synopsis: Homer signs up the family for a Wife Swap-type show in order to win enough money to buy a high definition plasma TV.

Discussion: I know the world is in love with Ricky Gervais, a comedic genius who turns everyday into funny, but I’m not a fan. He wrote and guest starred in this episode, which centres around Homer wanting a HD plasma TV like Lenny has, and winning the money for signing up to a Wife Swap-type show.

Enter Ricky Gervais as Charles, the husband of a soul-sucking beast, who falls in love with Marge. Charles is basically the same character that he plays on The Office, which again, I am not a fan of. This cross between British and American humour just doesn’t gel. Gervais nails the character and all his imperfect British ways, but the episode is almost painful to watch because it is so cliched: Homer takes the mickey out of Gervais’ character for being British but it’s not organic. It feels forced- forced humbleness, if you will.

However, it’s good to see Marge receiving some attention from a male who isn’t Homer or Artie Ziff. She hasn’t felt attractive since season one when she met Jacques, who taught her how to bowl. The song performed by Charles is painful. It’s classic British humour which doesn’t translate to an American audience (as an Australian, we’re caught smack bang between the two cultures, and the differences are both noticeable and hilarious to us because we are an impartial audience to both).

I suppose there are millions of fans out there who love this episode because of Ricky Gervais, but I’m not one of them. Maybe I just don’t get him, or maybe I just find him supremely irritating. Either way, I’m not loving this episode.



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