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Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em

Couch gag: The family are in a vending machine. Ralph Wiggum chooses Homer and promptly bites his head off.

Directors: Mike B. Anderson and Ralph Sosa

Synopsis: Marge forms her own carpentry business but gender bias prevents people from using her, so she hires Homer as a front. Meanwhile, Bart discovers Skinner’s allergy to peanuts and forces Skinner to humiliate himself under threat of a peanut attack. 

Discussion: OK, so this episode has a few laughs and some great quotes, but I still found myself wondering what the hell was going through the minds of the writers when this was presented. 

I like that Marge found a vocation. I can accept that Homer had to be the face of it because the resident of Springfield are sexist pigs. The bit about the roller coaster… what the hell? It feels like they were on their way to a sensible conclusion but needed to stretch it out a few more minutes so garbled in whatever crap came to mind. Even after the town saw Marge fixing the roller coaster, she still didn’t get any recognition. 

Then we have the subplot of Bart and Skinner’s allergen fight. Really? I get why Bart would use this peanut knowledge to his advantage, but ending up in an allergen fight is way below par. Or is that above par…? Anyhoo, it’s stupid and unentertaining. 

There are some great quotes though. Homer’s butt crack giving Marge an idea is funny stuff, as is Homer using the carpentry book set as a footrest (look, you had to be there). This ep proves there are still some great lines in the show, even if the overall plot is drifting along on broken promises and forgotten dreams. Overall, the ep bobs along enough for me to not stab my eyes, but not enough for me to score it above mediocrity. Even funny quotes can’t save this roller coaster wreck. 


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