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The Boys of Bummer

Couch gag: The Simpsons are playing musical chairs and Homer is left out when the music stops.

Director: Rob Oliver

Synopsis: Everyone in Springfield hates Bart because he dropped the ball in the baseball final. Meanwhile, Homer gets a job selling mattresses but ends up in a fight over his own mattress (yes, you read that correctly).

Discussion: I’m always sad when I see a really sucky Simpsons episode. Not just because the glory days are long behind us, not because I’ve wasted a whole 22 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back, but because a lot of people put effort into this piece of crap and no one told them they’re wasting everyone’s time.

Everyone hates Bart. This would be a perfect opportunity to bring back the Bart Simpson we know and love to win people over. Have him Do the Bartman in the town square. A thousand hours of community service where he has to bring fun into people’s lives and remind them that sport is a gigantic waste of time and money (remember the bit where I’m not a sports fan?) But no. The viewers and the town are subjected to a do-over of the fateful game where Bart dropped the ball, with various unfunny mishaps ensuring Bart still doesn’t catch the ball, and then reminiscing with Milhouse sixty years in the future about the one catch in the do-over game that NO ONE CARES ABOUT. Somebody, anybody, please scrape out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon!

The subplot is one of the worst plots ever. Homer is a mattress salesman, which turns out fine until Reverend and Mrs Lovejoy don’t love their bed and start making whoopee on Homer and Marge’s mattress, starting this bizarre bed war so the two couples can get their freak on. WHAT THE HELL? Who thought up this lame excuse for plot filler? Let’s cut up the Simpsons’ mattress and have them fight for it, ending with Homer and Marge gettin’ jiggy wit it behind a billboard while a hobo looks on.

 The episode wasn’t a complete waste of time. There were some very good one liners uttered by various characters and KBBL’s Bart Simpson Sux marathon was entertaining for the 30 seconds we saw it. It’s still not good enough to save the episode nor a reason to watch this train wreck.


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