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Treehouse of Horror XVIII

Director: Chuck “Bloody” Sheetz

Synopsis: Bart finds Kodos in the shed; a parody of Mr & Mrs Smith in which Homer and Marge are hired assassins; Ned teaches the kids of Springfield why they should follow the word of God. 

Discussion: In the 18th annual Halloween special, Marge opens the show by trying to announce the three gory stories but is interrupted by in-show ads for other shows on the Fox network. The ads all meet their demise in gory ways (yay!). On a side note, it’s frickin’ annoying to have in-show promos for other shows on the same network. There, I said it. 

E.T. Go Home is a parody of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial where Bart finds Kodos in the shed with plans to destroy humanity. Fair enough too, we are a bunch of gluttonous, lusty sloths… oh wait, that segment was later. This story was quite entertaining, if only for the multitude of exploding heads. Let’s face it, it’s Halloween, you wanna see some exploding heads. It’s tastefully done with not a lot of blood if you’re one of those people who are so squeamish you can’t even stand cartoon blood. 

Mr & Mrs Simpson  is a parody of Mr & Mrs Smith. Homer and Marge discover each other to be hired assassins and they fight it out in the their living room. Again, quite entertaining except for the bit where they make love over Chief Wiggum’s corpse. I found that part to be really gross. But hey, whatever floats your lust boat. 

The final segment, Heck House, is probably the weakest story of the three. Milhouse, Lisa, Bart and Nelson are trick-or-treating and find Agnes Skinner to be quite unpleasant in not wanting to “treat” them, so they “trick” her and find it’s much more fun. After “tricking” most of Springfield, the kids find the church nicknamed Heck House, and enter because they’re not scaredy cats. Inside, Ned transforms into the devil to show them what Hell is all about and the 7 deadly sins that will earn you a place there. Being irreligious, scaring me into the atrocities of Hell isn’t going to work but I would have liked to see Lisa’s skepticism burn a little brighter. 

This ep is one of the better Halloween episodes. Funny that while the regular episodes are mostly average or flat out garbage, the Halloween specials seem to get better as we go on. Having said that, I’ve probably jinxed it and season 20’s offering will be crapola. 

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