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The Debarted

The art teacher is fat, not pregnant

Couch gag: The family and couch are on a Lite Brite machine

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Topher Grace as Donny
Terry Gross as herself

Synopsis: Bart has a new friend at school, who has actually been employed by Skinner as a rat. Meanwhile, Marge crashes Homer’s car and he’s left to drive a very fancy loaner until the car is fixed.

Discussion: The name Donny hasn’t been this cool since Donnie Wahlberg. Here’s another rare episode which is just plain fun to watch and you wonder why this simple idea wasn’t thought of earlier.

Much of the episode is a parody of the film, The Departed. Donny was employed by Skinner and Super-nintendo Chalmers to infiltrate Bart’s plans and snitch to Skinner. All goes well until Willie spills the beans. The subplot of Homer’s new loaner car is so simple yet so effective. He’s not used to such fancy cars and he makes the most of it before realising that his old pink bomb car is really the one he loves.

Topher Grace isn’t his usual self in this episode. Every time he speaks, it’s like he’s being forced to under threat of breach of contract; his heart just isn’t in it. However, the character of Donny is a great addition and it’s too bad we don’t see more of him in the future. Or maybe we do, how would I know? Donny could be a great mate to Bart and they could get up to pure evil on a bigger level- Bart’s usual prank buddies aren’t that smart so it would be good to see someone with a brain be a sidekick.

It’s a fantastic episode, well done and much enjoyed. Just goes to show that sometimes, it’s the simple ideas which work the best.


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