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Lost Verizon

Teacher’s diet is working

Couch gag: The family run in to find themselves and the couch carved into a mountain.

Director: Raymond S. Persi

Guest voices:
Denis Leary as himself
Brian Grazer as himself

Synopsis: Bart acquires Denis Leary’s cell phone and Marge allows him to use it after she’s enabled the GPS tracker.

Discussion: I’m not entirely up on my US cell phone carriers, but I believe Verizon is one of them? If so, the title makes a lot more sense now…

Wikipedia tells me that there was a role for my boyfriend Matt Damon in this ep, but he wasn’t included in the final work. Bummer. However, I like the inclusion of Denis Leary although his narrative isn’t closed… does he ever get his cell phone back? While the Simpsons are traipsing off to Machu Picchu, Bart is home alone, which would be a perfect time to parody Home Alone. I was waiting for it to happen and it never did. Sad face. I’m also disappointed that Bart apparently doesn’t know of Leary’s 1993 single, ‘Asshole‘. It seems like something Bart would know- every kid of the 90s knew that song (as an aside, it’s the only reason us Aussies know of Denis Leary… well, until Ice Age).

Now that you’re cultured up on Leary’s fine musical performances… I really enjoyed this episode despite the Australian bar scene when Bart prank calls Crocodile Drunkees using Leary’s phone. In all this time, they still can’t get the Aussie accent? At least pay an Aussie to do it, Russell Crowe would have leaped at the chance to be an Aussie asshole. Anyhoo, none of those prank calls were particularly amusing; I guess the humour only lies in Moe’s reactions.

The ep did feel a bit like a coming-of-age tale. No longer do Bart and Milhouse communicate via walky talkies, they’ve now got cell phones. I shed a tear for their childhood. Once innocent, but they grow up so fast…

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