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MyPods and Boomsticks

Prosperity is just around the corner

Couch gag: Instead of the couch, Bart is there with a chalkboard, writing I will not bring the chalkboard home

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest voice:
Shohreh Aghdashloo as Mina

Synopsis: Bart befriends a Muslim kid, Homer thinks their family are terrorists and Lisa becomes addicted to MyPod music.

Discussion: This episode is full of stereotypes and parody of successful businesses. I’m not sure about using a stereotype of a Muslim family being suspected terrorists or being in the business of blowing up buildings, even if they are being demolished to make new ones. However, being The Simpsons, I think suspecting someone of terrorism is exactly what Homer would do.

Lisa’s plot of acquiring a Mapple MyPod is obviously a reference to Apple’s iPod and the company culture surrounding it. The plot seems like a giant advertisement for Apple until Lisa gets her ginormous bill and seeks out CEO Steve Mobbs. Wow! Look at all these things I can do with Mapple… but ouch, my bill! It doesn’t float my boat in any way.

I like Homer’s jumping to conclusions of the Muslim family. It’s exactly the sort of thing he would do although, as mentioned, I’m not keen on perpetuating a stereotype. However, stereotypes are a big part of The Simpsons (think Luigi, Fat Tony et al). Shroheh Aghdashloo is fantastic, as always, and I’m glad to see her have a decent role in this ep. I would have liked to see the friendship between Bashir and Bart explored a little more. Overall, I think it’s a good social commentary on having people seeing people in different ways, building bridges across differences and generally being more open to what others believe.


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