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No Loan Again, Naturally

Billboard: Moe’s Tavern: Now with electricity!

I will not have fun with educational toys

Couch gag: The Simpsons find that their couch is torn and stuffing coming out. They bury it, and choose a new couch which bucks Homer off and he’s in a full body cast.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Synopsis: After a wild Mardi Gras party, Homer is in default of his mortgage and the house is sold. Seeing his neighbours sad to move, Ned buys the Simpson house and rents it back to them.

Discussion: Although predictable, the plot for this episode is fresh and fun. Ned buys the Simpson home and rents it back to the family, while they use him to repair the place and bring it up to Code. It’s such a simple idea and turns the tide on the Ned-Homer relationship: usually it’s Homer kicking Flanders from the friendship but this time, Ned grew a pair and kicks Homer out onto the street. Naturally, he has a change of heart and invites them back, ripping up the lease for the perfect new neighbours.

Ned’s a good Christian- he tries his ding dang doodilly darndest to please the Lord and do what’s right. Giving the Simpsons back their home under a lease agreement is possibly the nicest thing he’s ever done for anyone, but even Marge starts taking advantage of Ned’s generosity by asking him to fix everything that’s wrong with the house. After all, he is the landlord but then again, he did kinda put his foot in it by offering in the first place.

It’s a very good episode. It has a solid plot which is character-driven instead of trying to cram too much ‘stuff’ in there which has been happening over the past few episodes. By taking a simple idea, the writers have explored what happens when Ned is the strong one in the friendship and also a minor personal dilemma when he leaves the Simpsons homeless. Ned’s a good egg.


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