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The Good, the Sad and the Drugly

Billboard: Luigi holding a breadstick with the caption ‘Luigi’s- Home of the Breadstick’

I will not mock teacher’s outdated cell phone

Couch gag: The Simpsons slice through jungle to reveal a family of apes sitting on the couch

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest Voice:
Anne Hathaway as Jenny

Synopsis: Bart and Milhouse pull a prank but Milhouse takes the fall. Bart meets a girl and falls for her, forgetting Milhouse. Meanwhile, Lisa’s school assignment leaves her depressed so she’s prescribed medication to control her moods.

Discussion: Apart from the obvious repeating of themes, I found this episode to be a bit weird. It’s not that Bart gave Milhouse flowers, it’s not that Bart did things to impress a girl, it’s not that Lisa saw smiley faces everywhere. I dunno, it just felt like I was watching a slow car crash that didn’t happen: it’s not a bad episode but it does feel like deja vu. For example, Lisa’s strong empathy for the world around her was explored in season 1. Homer’s solution back then was to dry her tears with a hairdryer. Bart and Milhouse have fallen out over girls before but this time we’re privy to a make up prank. Aww.

In terms of structure, the episode works well. There’s two complete, separate storylines contained wholly within the episode. They both belong there; neither of them are particularly weak but neither of them could carry a full episode on their own.

Jenny is an adorable character, voiced well by Anne Hathaway. This is about as much as Bart has allowed any romantic interest to see; he’s tried being a good boy, he’s tried being a bad boy but he’s never tried being himself and this is as close as he’s come. He even introduced Jenny to his family!

It’s a slightly above average episode which re-treads old ground, but still enjoyable to watch.


Comments on: "I think Milhouse is El Barto" (1)

  1. You’re going to be number one in any Simpson quiz after this.

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