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The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

Couch gag: The Simpsons are paraded like dogs in a show

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voices:
Sacha Baron Cohen as Jakob
Yael Naim as Dorit

Synopsis: Ned Flanders takes the Simpsons to the Holy Lands in an attempt to change Homer’s sinful ways.

Discussion:Why oh why did God not smite this episode before it could stain my eyes?? In short, I was searching my desk for a rusty spoon to gouge out my eyes and stop the madness. But, in the interests of continuing this endeavour, I kept watching (although I did promise myself that if Homer was rescued by Ewoks in the desert, I was definitely going to turn it off).

Homer’s up to his tricks again. This time he’s offending Flanders by being naked on a Slip’n’Slide and disrupting Ned’s Bible Studies group. Ned offers to take the Simpsons to Israel in order to enrich Homer with the culture and religious aspects of the Holy Land… with predictable results.

There’s not a lot to like about this episode. As well as wanting to stab my eyes with a rusty spoon, I wanted to mute the annoying tour guide, Jakob. It was only after watching the ep that I discovered he was voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen, whom I dislike anyway and now I know why I was so irritated by the character. He tries to be funny and completely fails (I am most certainly not a fan of any of Cohen’s “comedy” although I find his dramatic roles to be very good).

Other lowlights include: the over-long Krav Maga scene, mirage vegetables, everyone ending up with Jerusalem Syndrome and Homer being the chicken and peace Messiah. But the worst lowlight of them all is Krusty’s prayers. I felt embarrassed on behalf of everyone watching and all Jewish people… and I’m not even Jewish!

Hands down, one of the worst Simpsons episodes ever.


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