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Moe Letter Blues

Billboard: picture of Bart with the caption, “Abduct this boy, call Homer”

Eating my vegetables is not a Mother’s Day present

Couch gag: The couch and family are assembled, painted and blown up by Nelson. Haw haw!

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voice:
Don Pardo as himself

Synopsis: Moe writes a letter to Apu, Homer and Reverend Lovejoy to inform them that he’s running off with one of their wives.

Discussion: OK, so now I know who Don Pardo is (we don’t get SNL over here, except years old reruns on pay TV).

Anyhoo, The Simpsons is best when it sticks to warm fuzzy episodes with a lot of heart. In this ep, Moe has written a letter informing Apu, Homer and the Rev that he’s leaving town with one of their wives. As the ep progresses, each man looks at his relationship with his wife to deduce which one would leave him. It must be pretty bad if the wife is leaving to be with Moe. Just sayin’. In the end, of course, the wives aren’t going anywhere and Moe confesses that he just wanted to scare the husbands into giving their wives a bit more positive attention.

It’s a solid episode. No viewer actually believes that any of the wives are running away with Moe, but watching the husbands squirm is always fun. All three couples have had their ups and downs, which makes the “mystery” worth watching, but really… Moe? having said that, I’m glad it was Moe. He’s an underrated and underused character who is actually really interesting and worth exploring. He has a heart of gold, again evidenced in this episode.

Although it’s not the best episode, it’s a highlight of this season which has produced some outstandingly awful crap. And as a coincidence, Mother’s Day happens to be tomorrow so give your mum a hug, leave her alone for the day (because that’s what all mums want, apparently) and watch a Simpsons marathon of great episodes. Slip this one in for a bit of a feel-good feeling. Be good to your mothers!


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