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Treehouse of Horror XXI

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest Voices:
Hugh Laurie as Roger
Daniel Radcliffe as Edmond

Synopsis: Three Halloween stories: Bart and Milhouse play a Satanic board game which causes all their other board games to come to life; Marge and Homer are on a second honeymoon and rescue a stranded mariner, who may or may not have killed his crew; Lisa falls for a vampire named Edmond.

Discussion: Another Halloween brings yet another ‘Treehouse of Horror’ trilogy. This season’s offering was enjoyable enough to watch without being satirical or scary on any way.

War and Pieces found Bart and Milhouse playing a Satanic board game which made all their other games come to life. It was part Jumanji, part every kid’s fantasy of playing life sized games (what? You didn’t?) It was interesting enough to explore what would happen ig games came to life but that’s all it was; it lacked story.

Master and Cadaver saw Marge and Homer having a romantic second honeymoon on a rented boat and rescuing a stranded mariner. His story of escaping a ship in which all passengers were dead makes Marge think he was the murderer. It’s the least interesting of the three stories, saved only by the revelation that it was all Maggie’s imagination. Normally the “it was all a dream” scenario is the ultimate in piss-weak endings, having Maggie dream it up makes it actually quite funny. We know Maggie has a wicked sense of humour and she’s exploring it a bit more here.

Tweenlight is a parody of Twilight. There’s a new kid at school and Lisa immediately falls for him, finds out he’s a vampire and ends up wanting to be bitten so they can be together forever. Yawn. I am most definitely not a fan of the original series and found this parody to be tired, treading well-worn ground for few laughs. The exception is Homer serving Ned for dinner, which garnered a chuckle from me. There’s a certain irony in having Daniel Radcliffe portray the vampire Edmond, because the Harry Potter vs Twilight saga would always divide fans of the supernatural in much the same way as boy bands would always divide fans.

It wasn’t a terrible installation of the series, but by no means was it the best either. it was entertaining enough to keep watching, but not so much that I’m going to remember it tomorrow.


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