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How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?

Billboard: Springfield Kwik-E-Mart: Thoughtless Presents for People You Don’t Like

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is as good as “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Couch gag: Professor Frink shrinks the family, who are almost trodden on by Grampa and eaten by the cat before seeking refuge in a mouse hole and being caught in a mousetrap.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voices:
Danica Patrick as herself
Rachel Weisz as Dr Thurmond

Synopsis: Bart adopts a carrier pigeon, but when Santa’s Little Helper eats the bird, Bart finds it difficult to forgive.

Discussion: This is a very lopsided episode. The first half is very good, but the second half makes me wonder what went wrong in the writers’ room.

Homer’s story at the beginning is very good, and a great way to open the episode. Homer really should tell more stories. Anyhoo, an injured pigeon flies through the window and Bart decides to keep him. We’ve seen Bart mothering animals before- remember Bart Junior and Chirpy Boy? He nurses the bird back to health and finds it difficult to part with, but that problem is solved when Santa’s Little Helper eats the bird. Up until this point, it has all the makings of a really good ep.

Bart not forgiving the dog is somewhat unbelievable. He’s had so many reasons to hate the dog before and always looked past them. Taking the dog and Bart to see a therapist is just plain weird, and Rachel Weisz is totally wasted in the role. It’s like someone suddenly decided to put in a celebrity voice and Ms Weisz was walking past at the right time. We all know Bart will forgive his best dog friend, why draw it out with a completely pointless (and quite frankly, weird) scene at an ostrich farm? What’s a greyhound going to do in an ostrich farm?

As a whole, the episode is mediocre, buoyed by a great first half and weighed down by a lacklustre, pointless second half. Had the original plot concept continued, it could have been a fantastic ep. Sadly, it’s let itself down.


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