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Donnie Fatso

Billboard: Snake offering luxury cars missing one window, with the proviso “No Cops”.

Candy canes are not elf bones

Couch gag: Various Springfieldians are depicted on an advent calendar, ending with the Simpsons on their couch.

Director: Ralph Sosa

Guest voices:
Jon Hamm as FBI agent
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Fit Tony

Synopsis: Homer, imprisoned for bribery, is sent to infiltrate Fat Tony’s gang.

Discussion: You’d think a mob-related episode where Homer is a snitch would be most entertaining. Unfortunately this ep doesn’t live up to its premise. While I’m always glad to see Fat Tony, he’s not quite the character we’ve come to know and love, and Homer’s performance doesn’t really hit any good points.

The premise for Homer going to jail is flawed, but then again I can’t think of anything better. Getting Homer to infiltrate Fat Tony’s mob is a really good idea, which falls flat pretty much as soon as the idea is floated. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. And then, to really insult the viewers, they kill off Fat Tony and replace him with his stressed cousin, Fit Tony! WHAT THE HELL???

There’s nothing about this episode that convinces me I should have wasted twenty minutes watching it. The premise is a very good one, who wouldn’t want to see Homer infiltrate the mob? The execution (if you’ll pardon the expression) is lame. There’s too much focus on a friendship between Homer and Fat Tony, much like his friendship with Clancy Wiggum a few eps ago. We want to see some action! Less crying, more dying. More mob plots, more initiation, more nitty gritty. As it stands, it’s just lame and gets worse (yes, that’s possible) when Fat Tony is killed. Really?


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