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replaceable you

Replaceable You

Billboard: Crazy Cat Lady: 30 lost cats, call me

It’s November 6th, how come we’re not airing a Halloween show?

Couch gag: The Simpsons’ couch is in the Smithsonian and the family break in to sit on it

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voice:
Jane Lynch as Roz

Synopsis: Bart and Martin create a robopet, which is used by the funeral industry to create more business. Meanwhile, Homer has a new assistant at work but she’s quickly promoted above him.

Discussion: What. The. Hell. Nothing about this episode worked. Neither plot was satisfactory in any way. Bart and Martin teaming up on a science project, sure, that’s a great idea. But using the cute robopets to kill old people? Really? Homer doesn’t have the greatest luck with coworkers (RIP Grimey) and although Jane Lynch is a fantastic voice actress, she’s completely wasted here.

The plots jumped all over the place, with characters explaining what’s happened instead of showing it. This makes the narrative feel forced, like the writers had the initial idea then let the work experience kids flesh it out but they gave up and went surfing instead. The epitome of this particular crapness comes from Roz, who spends a good couple of minutes explaining to Homer why she thinks he’s so smart, while Homer is busy getting his head stuck in a trophy. It’s a facepalm moment, the pinnacle of ridiculousness. It’s insulting to viewers to think they can’t work this out on their own.

And then there’s Bart and Martin, with Bart’s increasingly weird friend Milhouse tonguing his dog. Seriously. Bart’s idea for the robopet is a good one, but somehow this idea ends up in the hands of funeral directors trying to drum up business. How did that happen?

It’s a completely rubbish episode, worthy to view (and only then, a few minutes) because of Jane Lynch. If given a choice between watching this and sorting your sock drawer, choose the socks.


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