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The man in the blue flannel pants

The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest voices:
Kevin Michael Richardson as a party goer
John Slattery as Robert Marlowe
Matthew Weiner as Businessman

Synopsis: Homer is promoted to the accounts department but Marge worries he’s spending more time at work than with his family.

Discussion: OK, so I see that this episode is a parody of Mad Men, but since I’ve never watched that show, I cannot comment on how successful (or not) it was. I can only comment on what I thought of it as a stand-alone episode… And let me just say that I am unimpressed.

Krusty has a PR party to increase sales of his vodka, and somehow this leads to Homer being promoted to the Accounts department, replacing retiring accounts man Robert Marlowe. Along the way, Homer develops an even bigger drinking problem and Bart reads Little Women. Confused? You’re not the only one.

The “plot” (and I use the term loosely) is not so much confusing as just plain stupid, and the subplot of Bart reading Little Women is, quite frankly, ridonkulous. The scene where Bart is reading the novel to the bullies harks waaaay back to when Moe was reading it to homeless people, but apart from that, there’s absolutely no point to it whatsoever. In fact the entire B-plot takes up less than five minutes of the episode!

Back to Homer’s story. What? He’s been promoted before, and with a lot more fun and flair than what we see here. The closing scenes are stupid… why does each raft need Homer to save them? Where are their oars? I just can’t believe I spent 20 minutes watching this rubbish. On the upside though, I did eat a delicious chicken and cheese toastie while watching it, so all is not lost.


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