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The ten per cent solution

The Ten Per Cent Solution

Billboard: Duffman is Mark Twain, Springfield Playhouse

“Caucus” is not a dirty word

Couch gag:There’s a sword stuck in the couch and Homer can’t remove it, but Ned can.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voices:
Joan Rivers as Annie Dubinsky
Jackie Mason as Hyman Krustofsky
Kevin Dillon as himself
Janeane Garofalo as herself

Synopsis: Krusty attempts to become cool again by relaunching a nostalgic show for adults, with the help of former flame and new agent Annie.

Discussion: The first bit, where Krusty is complaining about stale parodies which were written when the source material was first released but it takes sooo long to animate… is pretty funny and self-referential because a lot of criticism was coming the way of the show in then-recent episodes because the source material was years old. After that, the episode degrades very quickly and it’s really only Joan Rivers who keeps it going. I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for Joan Rivers.

Krusty’s career is in the toilet (again) and Joan is hired as his new agent, but it is revealed that she and Krusty are also former lovers from the beginning of Krusty’s career in the 60s. Krusty gets a new show on cable TV, Annie interferes, they both get fired. Big deal.

I read in the Wikipedia article that this is somewhat based on a real-life incident in Joan’s life, however that seems really sad and inappropriate to feature in a Simpsons episode. Obviously Joan is OK with it, or she wouldn’t have agreed to guest star.

The ep itself isn’t very entertaining, and I kept wondering when Bette Midler was going to pop out and sing a song to Krusty.


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