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exit through the kwik e mart

Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart

Couch gag: A parody of the Game of Thrones opening titles, where major Springfield landmarks rise out of the ground with the help of cogs.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest Voices:
Shepherd Fairey as himself
Ron English as himself
Kenny Scharf as himself
Robbie Conal as himself
Nicholas McKaig does the closing credit theme.

Synopsis: To exact revenge on Homer, Bart graffitis Springfield with pictures of Homer and becomes a celebrated artist because of it. Meanwhile, Apu may have to close the Kwik-E-Mart because a new store has opened, selling fresher items and jellies with fruits that Lisa’s never heard of.

Discussion: I have a confession to make. Don’t judge me, but I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. I guessed the couch gag was a parody of it, but had to YouTube the original clip. It’s very well done and deserves all the praise heaped on it.

Other than the opening titles, I found the episode to be mediocre. Bart has long been a graffiti artist in the town, so this really feels like a storyline that could have happened in season 3. Bart isn’t usually known for his artistic ability so to become a celebrated street artist with his own exhibition is pushing the limits of plausibility even within the genre. I would have liked to see Homer having a dig at Bart about being the second Simpson to have their own art exhibition but instead the audience is forced to wait several minutes while Homer realises the street art is actually him. Whoa, stop the presses!

To fill in some time and link the title to the plot, there’s some lame thing about Apu having a rival store attract his customers. Desperate, Apu pulls a gun on Snake (now known as Bird, not Jailbird) and tries to rob him. This part has so much potential yet it was just shoved into the ep without any context. It could have been done so much better!

The episode’s title is based on the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop by famed street artist Banksy. It would have been nice to have Banksy as a guest voice but we all know how reclusive Banksy is (although he did do the couch gag artwork for the ep ‘MoneyBart’). If you’re going to make an ep (loosely) based on this doco, then Bart is the obvious choice, however I think that the ep is trying to be too clever and ends up looking lame.


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