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Them Robot

Them, Robot

Couch gag: The Simpsons sit on the couch in 1989 with a banner proclaiming “America: The Most Powerful Country in the World”. Twenty three years flick by and the banner is changed to read, “Too big to fail, we hope!” Maggie holds up a Chinese flag.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voice:
Brent Spiner as the robots

Synopsis: The power plant workers are too expensive so Mr Burns fires them all and replaces them with robots. Homer is kept on as the plant’s only human worker.

Discussion: It was only a matter of time before Mr Burns looked to cut costs in running the plant. When his grand plan of specially bred kangaroos doesn’t pan out (which would have been funny to see), robots are hired to perform the plant’s tasks. Obviously Homer is in the mix as well, how else is he going to sabotage the robots for his own personal gain?

It’s not a bad episode, but it does lag a bit in the middle before picking up again towards the end. Brent Spiner is always a pleasure to watch and his unmistakable voice brings the robots to life. The funniest line in the ep is delivered by Homer: when the robots are revealed for the first time, Homer shrieks and says, “Comic Con nerds!” The various odd jobs that the unemployed plant workers now take on are amusing yet disturbing… why is Barney naked? He doesn’t even work at the plant! Did he run away from Moe, who went a little nutty?

Homer’s treatment of the robots is pretty much what is expected although I thought there’d be more lazing in the hammock and beer guzzling, but I guess Homer never found out about the robots’ ability to vibrate as a relaxing ottoman for one’s feet. It’s enjoyable enough to warrant watching without the use of powerful drugs or a nearby rusty spoon.


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