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Beware my cheating Bart

Beware My Cheating Bart

Billboard: Fox: 25 Years of Televising Stuff

The true location of Springfield is in any state but yours

Couch gag: Directed by Bill Plympton, tells the story of Homer’s love affair with the couch, who is pregnant when Homer leaves it for Marge. In the end the couch becomes the sitting couch while the baby couch becomes Maggie’s couch.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voice:
Kevin Michael Richardson as the mall cop

Synopsis: Homer becomes addicted to a Lost parody called Stranded. Bart, encouraged by Jimbo to chaperone Shauna to stuff Jimbo doesn’t want to do, becomes involved with Shauna and threatened to be beaten up by Jimbo.

Discussion: Yeah look, I don’t get it. Everything from the couch gag to the two plots was half arsed and weird. Let’s start with the couch gag. Homer falls in love with the couch and impregnates it. Let’s just think about that for a moment. Eww. Forced into pole dancing when Homer dumps the couch to marry Marge, the couch attempts suicide before being rescued by Homer as the family’s couch in their living room. Seriously.

Moving on, Homer buys an expensive piece of exercise equipment which becomes another TV in the house while he watches Stranded, a parody of the popular TV show Lost. Personally, I was never a fan of the show, losing interest early in season one when there was a polar bear on the tropical island. Fickle, I know. Anyhoo, Homer likes it. This plot doesn’t really go anywhere except an anticlimatic scene where Marge gives a couple of vague spoilers and Homer reacts by saying their marriage is now in trouble. Whoa.

The main plot was Bart-Shauna-Jimbo triangle, which could have been a half decent plot but Shauna is completely unlikable and Jimbo has no depth of character although he is prematurely balding. Bart has a thing for older women; remember Laura Powers? What Shauna sees in him is unclear and weird… sure, they didn’t actually do anything but she did flash him (which repulsed him as her chest area reminded him of his father’s man-boobs). Anyhoo, Jimbo gets jealous, beats up Bart and Shauna breaks up with them both to “find herself” with the help of an inappropriately older man. I suppose if Shauna was more interesting instead of a one dimensional character (literally and figuratively) then the plot may have worked. Jimbo also dated Laura Powers… maybe bringing her back would have been a better idea. Was Sara Gilbert busy?


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