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Adventures in Baby Getting

Adventures in Baby-Getting

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest voice:
Jeff Gordon as himself

Synopsis: Marge decides she wants another baby while Bart & friends try to work out where Lisa goes after school.

Discussion: Wow, this episode was pointless. Instead of the usual couch gag, we’re treated to a short where Homer votes for Mitt Romney and ends up working in a factory making American flags. Nothing interesting here.

Homer failing to fix a leaking tap (faucet for you Americans) causes a sinkhole. Marge loses her car in the sinkhole and is unhappy with her new car because there’s no room for another baby. Blah blah blah they wind up at Shelbyville’s fertility clinic where Homer has made several donations, and somehow they realise they don’t want a baby anymore. Snore.

The least interesting part of this episode is Lisa’s secret. Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson and Principal Skinner crack the mystery as to where Lisa goes after school. Wait for it- she’s learning cursive handwriting. Whoa- stop the presses! What the actual hell? She’s learning to write. How is that in any way interesting??

Don’t waste your time on this ep, it’s stupid, pointless and completely inane. Let’s not forget the guest appearance by Jeff Gordon. Literally two words in the whole ep. What a massive waste of his time.


Comments on: "The pocket wants what it wants" (1)

  1. This was in my top 5 worst episodes. The Lisa sub-plot was awful! Although I thought a previous school head was a good idea, but one for Skinner: http://neonmoderntimes.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/top-5-worst-simpsons-episodes/

    The part I hate the most is that they see the itchy and scratchy movie at the end, ruining the classic episode which shows Bart becomes supreme court judge from being refused to watch it.

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