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Dark Knight Court

Dark Knight Court

Billboard: Herman’s Antiques (and guns)

Jesus’s last words were not “TGIF”

Couch gag: The family are eggs placed carefully on the couch, but Homer sits on them.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voice:
Janet Reno as herself

Synopsis: Bart is on trial by youth court for allegedly putting eggs into the band’s horns. Mr Burns becomes a superhero called Fruit Bat Man but Smithers is actually paying off the “criminals” whom Mr Burns “saves”.

Discussion: I think Moe said it best when he uttered, “Oh man, this is so painful”.

Bart is blamed for a prank in which the residents of Springfield were covered in eggs. It seems like the kind of thing Bart would do, only he protests his innocence and the matter goes to youth court, held in the school gym. This plot would have benefited from being a real mystery, but we’re left with a shady courtroom “drama” that no one actually cares about, and by the time the real culprit is discovered, who cares?

Meanwhile, Mr Burns rediscovers comic books and finds a superhero just like him: a reclusive billionaire. So he decides to do some good and become Fruit Bat Man. Lame. Again, this plot could have been done oh so much better! Mr Burns as a bumbling superhero while Smithers stages crimes? It’s a great idea, but executed really poorly and lost between the ‘main’ plot of Bart’s trial. Neither story has any time to develop properly, although at this stage of the series I am unsure whether either plot could be developed properly: it seems as if the writers have either hired work experience kids (or monkeys at typewriters) or they’ve simply given up and pull ideas out of their arses for each episode.

Either way, this episode is yet another disappointment in a season that was better left imagined and not produced.


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