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Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Couch gag: The Simpsons are carved from ice and Grampa turns up the heat.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Tony Bennett as himself
Sonny Rollins as himself
Kevin Michael Richardson as Cop With A Secret
Ron Taylor as Bleeding Gums Murphy (archive)

Synopsis: Moe wants to end his suffering but is saved by Homer, Lenny and Carl. Marge takes them all to Capital City where Moe gets a new lease on life. Grampa is supposed to be looking after the kids but takes a fall and Bart looks after him. Lisa complains that her favourite jazz musician is now a cheap hologram.

Discussion: Wow, so many things to say about this heap of shit, where do I start?

First, why are there three plots? None are strong enough to hold an episode on their own but as a group, they suck just as badly. Moe’s story is so depressing even I thought about ending it… watching the ep that is, not suicide. Lisa’s plot is… well, what? It was unimaginative and uninspired but I did like the reappearance of an old friend in Bleeding Gums Murphy. But where did the hologram get the song he sang for Lisa about Bart??? And then there’s Bart looking after Grampa. Snore.

Moe has tried several things in order to become a better person, and has dabbled with becoming rich and famous. Those episodes were far superior to this one, in which he stumbles around in a new suit (hello, Marge wearing Chanel) and the world is his oyster. Yawn. After the first few minutes after they’ve all been to Capital city, Marge disappears from the episode except for very, very brief moments like answering the front door. No one seems to notice that Lisa is missing for most of the ep.

The Simpsons works best when there’s familial bonding, but Bart and Grampa just isn’t doing it for me. The only highlight of this relationship is when they’re racing Grampa’s meds along a slide.

The real stinker of this episode is a hologram Diana, Princess of Wales and assorted other dead people such as Albert Einstein and Ghandi. Diana raps about DVDs and Blu-Ray. Whoa. Low point for the series.

There’s nothing to be proud of in this episode except to say, I watched it and lived to tell the tale.


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