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Saga of Carl

The Saga of Carl

Couch gag: The Simpsons are sea creatures who are eaten by the three eyed fish, Blinky

Director: Chuck Sheetz

Guest voices:
Sigur Rós as themselves
Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir as herself

Synopsis: Carl, Lenny, Moe and Homer win the Springfield lottery but Carl disappears with their winnings, leaving the other three to figure out where he went and why.

Discussion: Wow, what a pointless waste of time. This episode had exactly zero point to it and exactly zero interest to anyone with half a brain.

The first few minutes were enough for me to start watching the timer to see how long I had left of this inane mess of “plot” (and I use the term loosely). After the gang won the lottery, I thought the ep might be picking up… but no, Carl disappears and I found myself not caring where he went or why he nicked off with the money.

Next thing you know, they’re in Iceland, tracking down Carl. Blah blah blah, a few montages, characters voicing the narrative in case the audience fell asleep and missed it, the money’s gone and Carl’s family are A-OK. Whatevs.

Apart from not caring about the reasons behind Carl’s disappearance, the actual reason is also fairly pointless and probably doesn’t warrant an episode by itself. Although, it does seem like the animation team got a kick out of non-Springfield scenery so I guess the ep was a bonus for them. Pity about the rest of us.


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