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Four regrettings and a funeral

Four Regrettings and a Funeral

Billboard: Apu- One more hour til milk expires, thanks daylight savings!

Mrs K

Couch gag: A parody of The Hobbit in which the family seek out The Couch.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voices:
Joe Namath as himself
Rachel Maddow as herself

Synopsis: At a funeral, Springfieldians realise they’re living with regret and four residents set out to change their lives.

Discussion: RIP Marcia Wallace and Mrs Krabappel. Sorely missed.

Marcia Wallace died just before this episode aired, leading to Bart’s revised chalkboard gag as well as a small tribute at the end of the episode of Mrs K sitting on her desk with her famous, “ha!” As such, it’s strange to open this ep with a funeral of a ‘popular’ Springfieldian that no one’s ever heard of. And speaking of popular Springfield icons that no one’s ever heard of, WTF is Homer doing with a bowling ball in a montage when no one’s ever seen that ball before? At least make it somewhat relevant, warm and fuzzy by bringing back the Homer ball from season one, in the ep where Marge contemplates an affair with Jacques.

This episode is overly long, boring and no relevance to anything. Mr Burns’ long lost love, Brockman’s… I dunno, something about wishing to be an actual new anchor in the big city, Homer selling his Apple shares (what happened to Mapple?) and Bart… well, making an arse of himself for no reason. Marge kinda regrets listening to KISS while pregnant with Bart but at least it lends itself to a halfway entertaining montage of Homer dressing as Gene Simmons.

What could have been a tender episode dealing with loss of life (concurrent with Marcia Wallace’s death) ended up as a mishmash of shit ideas thrown together in one in-cohesive manner. Soldier on, season 25.


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