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Billboard: Santa’s lap, the line is already forming. Springfield Mall- never leave!

My school schedule does not include a bye week

Couch gag: The family (except Maggie) crawl along the walls to get to the couch but struggle under gravity. Homer falls off the couch and through the ceiling.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voice:
Jon Lovitz as Llewellyn Sinclair

Synopsis: Lisa forms an honour code at school to stop rampant cheating while Homer meets his childhood penpal, who encourages him to live his dreams.

Discussion: Didn’t we have the episode about regrets yesterday? Is this supposed to be a sequel? If so, it definitely follows the rules of sequels in that it sucks worse than the original (although to be fair, both episodes are pretty craptacular).

Kirk Van Houten is having a mid life crisis and Homer begins to feel depressed in his routine, so Marge brings over childhood penpal Eduardo to cheer him up. Nothing exciting happens.

Meanwhile, Skinner is shown on Channel 6 news to perpetuate a cheating culture within the school, so do-gooder Lisa comes to the rescue with an honour code set by the students. Nothing exciting happens.

The Simpsons has taken a popular phrase in an effort to remain current, and turned it into a snorefest of garbage. On a scale of depressive episodes, this one falls about the level of your favourite musician cancelling the tour you’ve waited 10 years to see and spent your weekly grocery money buying tickets for. What about the Homer who gets a new job every week? Or the Homer who climbs mountains? Or the Homer who relates stories to the barflies when some whacky adventure lands on their laps? That’s YOLO, not renting $10 costumes from Comic Book Guy to recreate scenes from Star Trek. A complete and utter popular phrase FAIL in an attempt to look cool by guys who are so far past mid life crises they’re practically on permanent oxygen masks.


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