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I’d love to pirate that

steal this episode

Steal This Episode

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Kevin Michael Richardson as inmate and Hollywood Bigshot
Judd Apatow as himself
Paul Rudd as himself
Seth Rogen as himself
Will Arnett as deputy director Gratman
Leslie Mann as herself
Rob Halford as himself
Channing Tatum as movie version Homer

Synopsis: Homer downloads movies and shows them to his friends and Marge turns him in for piracy.

Discussion: Another waste of time from The Simpsons. Look, OK, there are valid points that Homer makes: going to the cinema is a huge pain in the arse these days. Not just the ticket prices (although I have to note that my local chain cinema have recently dropped their prices in an effort to attract more people) but people can’t sit still for 2 hours without checking phones or updating the plot to the person next to them. It’s a hassle.

There’s even some satire in this episode, which has been sorely missed from oh, the past several seasons. However, I feel that even though this ep originally aired this year, it feels so dated already as piracy is something that people have been doing for over ten years now and Homer’s just been enlightened to this new world. The internet, is that thing still around?

This ep is also notable for its use of guest stars. I wouldn’t say they’re essential to the plot but they are a useful addition even though they’re the most boring people in Hollywood who play the same characters in every film they do. Except for Paul Rudd, he’s very versatile.

Anyhoo, I digress. The plot is thin at best but at least it’s a plot. I was worried it would turn into yet another ep where Homer and Marge’s marriage is in trouble so I was pleased to see that the focus was shifted to Homer’s plight rather than Marge trying to make amends and do stupid shit to keep her marriage together.

To say this is the strongest episode so far in season 25 isn’t saying much, but it’s a start.


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